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Volumetric Techniques Ltd./ VTEQ is a thirty-four (34) year old, privately held, full-service international environmental consulting, engineering and remedial operations/management firm helping commercial and private clients improve their environmental posture and enhance their  assets' impaired infrastructure. Serving clients in the Tri-State area and internationally thoughout South America, Asia and Europe. Volumetric Techniques Ltd. is committed to service and performance in all environmental construction projects.

Volumetric Techniques Ltd. specializes in all aspects of the environmental services industry, including assessments (ESA Phase 1,2 & 3), site engineering investigations/reports, remediation/cleanup strategies dealing with contaminated water, groundwater, soil, and full revitalization management. For over three decades Sander R. Sternig, founder and director, has been providing clients with comprehensive environmental technologies and services. Hundreds of clients throughout the Northeast and abroad will attest to Volumetric Techniques Ltd.'s established and strong reputation for quickly and efficiently diminishing clients' liabilities. Volumetric Techniques Ltd. implements cost-effective environmental solutions.

Volumetric Techniques Ltd. has established joint-ventures, partnerships and alliances with industry-leading environmental technology and service firms throughout the world.

Contact us at 631-472-4848 or sandy@vteqeltd.com